Fix & Sew – Sewing Classes

Frustrated trying to learn to sew? Want to “test drive” sewing before you invest money in a machine?¬† Store taught classes not meeting your needs? Want a more personal experience or some private lessons? Have a child or children you want to learn or try out sewing?

Fix & Sew can help you with these and more. We believe in making the learning environment conducive to you learning to sew. The classes will be held in my home where you can see and explore a variety of machines. We provide group as well as private lessons. In addition to training classes we also have project classes you can attend. You can set up your own group of friends for a class. If you home school this is a great way to get a group together and learn sewing. We want to break down the barriers and help you learn and enjoy sewing!

We try to keep groups to about 3-4. This keeps the teacher to student ratio low. We also try to keep similar ages in each group. An example of age groups are: children 9-12, teens 13-17,  young adults 18-25 and adults 26+.


We will provide the machine and materials to make a simple project. We will discuss the many different things you can do today and the variety of sewing equipment available. We will look at a mechanical, electronic, embroidery machine, serger as well as a free-motion mid arm machine. If you are unsure if you are interested in sewing, curious, want to try before you buy etc., then this is the class for you.


By the end of these classes you will be able to purchase a basic sewing pattern, proper materials and supplies, cut and assemble the pattern and then sew it. You will also learn how to perform some basic maintenance on your machine as well as troubleshooting sewing problems.